Introduction to Phologe Mampuru Inc Attorneys

Phologe Mampuru Inc. Attorneys (PM Inc. Attorneys) provides professional legal services. We hold ourselves to a high standard and have had significant collaborations with other renowned law firms. We help our variety of corporate clients to operate efficiently by overseeing all necessary procedures and documents.

We also maintain relationships with audit and tax advisory firms to resolve comprehensive solutions for our clients' legal issues. We are professional and use a unique advocacy methodology to provide accurate legal advice. We also offer our clients precise legal translation where applicable.

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About Us
Phologe Mampuru Inc. Attorneys provides professional legal services.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Constitutional Law

Consulting and other value added services

We are pro-active!

We do not wait for legal crises to occur; instead we help our clients to develop a sound legal strategy. Here are some of our value-added consulting services:

  • Establish governance policies and frameworks;
  • Establish the client’s legal strategy;
  • Establish crisis communication structures;
  • Facilitating co-ordination with external parties;
  • Facilitating crisis management strategies;
  • Establishing monitoring and reporting frameworks; and
  • Providing on-going business legal advice.

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